Mr. Persistence

People will tell you that persistence is a good thing. Those people have never had to deal with online dating, that takes persistence to a whole new level…and in a manner that is typically not welcomed. Sometimes persistence looks like multiple messages from the same person repeatedly that are copied and pasted and make itContinue reading “Mr. Persistence”

Online Dating Spooks

October is spooky season…and what is spookier than online dating?  I mean, you really need not look any further than your electric screen of choice to meet all sorts of ghosts, goblins and ghouls looking to find love …. or so they would have you believe.  There are the ghosts who lurk on these apps withoutContinue reading “Online Dating Spooks”

Mr. Interview

I am an interior designer. People often misinterpret this statement to mean that I pick paint colours for a living, I am a decorator, or that I stage homes for real-estate agents. These sorts of misconceptions often come up on first dates or during the initial stages of courtship when messaging back and forth withContinue reading “Mr. Interview”

Mr. Jump into Bed & Hope for the Best

The “I never do this” girl has been a well established stereotype among various forms of media. It stems from the stipulation that a disclaimer of; “I never do this” must be clearly stated frequently during the early stages of a relationship so that a prospective partner will not be too quick to judge themContinue reading “Mr. Jump into Bed & Hope for the Best”