Lessons Learned Along the Way

You Had One Job

A strong work ethic is a valuable thing. It is what drives us to succeed, what motivates us to go back to the grind day in and day out, the guiding factor in getting our butts out of bed in the morning and the thing that carries us through life in general. After all, oneContinue reading “You Had One Job”


When you stop to think about it, language is a funny thing. It is bound by endless rules that we spend every stage of education learning, making it so ingrained into our beings that we often take it for grant it. People who know the rules usually don’t stop to think about them or questionContinue reading “Incoming”

Call of the Wild

Its that time of year when everything changes overnight. It is the in-between where barren becomes lush, cold becomes warm, monochrome lands becomes techno-colour dreamscapes and the mosquitos haven’t quite figured out that their buffet has re-opened for the season. Spring has officially sprung. One day, on a morning like any other, you wake upContinue reading “Call of the Wild”

Attack Cat

There is no denying the validity of guard dogs. They are known for being great protectors, and have a long hard earned track record for security and law enforcement positions. It is no wonder I have heard single people or families cite home security as a top reason they want a larger dog breed asContinue reading “Attack Cat”

Change Your Dreams

When is it time to let your dreams die, and what constitutes ‘giving up’ on your dreams? It’s fair to say that I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately…Maybe you can relate. It feels like I’m not where I am meant to be and things are definitely not going the way IContinue reading “Change Your Dreams”

Technology is the Devil

Technology is the devil incarnate. It knows when it is crunch time, you’re tired, or you’re just not in the mood to deal with it’s crap and it picks that exact moment to throw a temper tantrum. My first glimpse of this was back when tamagotchi’s were a thing…you know, those little egg-shaped electric keychainsContinue reading “Technology is the Devil”

Chivalry is Dead?

They say chivalry is dead. I know there are some romantics out there who like to disagree, but after a lifetime of experiences proving this hypothesis I have become the type of person who grows slightly suspicious of a man holding a door open. In fact, in the rare instances where this does happen, IContinue reading “Chivalry is Dead?”

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