Call of the Wild

Its that time of year when everything changes overnight. It is the in-between where barren becomes lush, cold becomes warm, monochrome lands becomes techno-colour dreamscapes and the mosquitos haven’t quite figured out that their buffet has re-opened for the season. Spring has officially sprung. One day, on a morning like any other, you wake upContinue reading “Call of the Wild”

Cattitude – Life Lessons from Felines

If anyone tries to tell you that cats don’t have a personality. They are lying. People have tried to tell me that cats do not have expressions, don’t have much of a personality and are not overly affectionate. This is usually part of an attempt to turn me into a dog person. Now, while IContinue reading “Cattitude – Life Lessons from Felines”

Just hop on a plane, what could go wrong?

These days travel seems like a distant memory, and it is certainly getting harder and harder to see the possibility of travel returning any time in the near future. Some people try to look on the bright side by saying that things could be worse, and our ancestors went through much harder times. They sayContinue reading “Just hop on a plane, what could go wrong?”