Potato Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Not the kind where everything is going to hell, but the kind where little things keep happening one after the other that make you exclaim ‘Oh come on! Again!?” in exasperation. 

It has definitely been one of those weeks for me. Maybe I’ve been distracted, maybe I am taking a turn for the clumsy, or maybe I am just tired. Regardless of the reason, this week has been a steady run of minor injuries that have me feeling like a potato – Bloated, tired and covered in nicks and bruises. 

It all started with a burn. Actually, it was two simultaneous burns in one go. Thanks to a mishap with my oven I am now the proud owner of two evenly placed stripes across my left wrist. Fine. No big deal. Accidents happen, it’s nothing serious, nothing to see here. But then, the next day came and with it came another small clumsy injury, this one a cut on my finger. Then the next day with 7 aggressive mosquito bites from a 5-minute walk, all on one leg and one leg only. That was to be followed by another cut to another finger and then somehow managing to step on glass by my front door. Since in all likelihood the glass was tracked in on my shoes after one of my lengthy walks, I am not discounting the possibility that I may die of hepatitis as a result. 

All of these mishaps have been minor, but combined with a few mystery bruises, they have definitely contributed to a less than stellar week. When these types of weeks happen, it is hard to have a positive mindset. It is hard not to wonder “Oh great, what’s next?” with a looming sense of doom. 

So how do we break the cycle? How does one snap out of it and not fade away into one bad week followed by another?

Do something for yourself. Even something small and seemingly inconsequential, just do something that you enjoy and try to change your focus. For me, that was slapping a cute colour on my nails and asking the what’s next question with a more positive lens – Or at least that’s the plan anyway. 

Of course, changing focus and making an active attempt to switch gears to something more positive can sometimes lead to a series of motivational highs and lows. The lyrics “I think I’m dying, hold up I’m invincible” have certainly been running through my mind lately. 

But is it working? Is trying to commit to a change in focus actually helping anything? I don’t know, only time will tell. The thing is this, even when picking yourself up and breaking out of whatever funk you may be in isn’t a straight forward path, even when it requires multiple reboot attempts, trying, and trying again no matter how many times it may take is always better than the alternative of simply allowing yourself to give in and fade away. 

Published by Brie Valkyrie

I am nothing if not resilient. This is something quite a few people have frequently told me. When things felt exceptionally overwhelming I used to think “I know I am resilient, but sometimes I don’t want to have to be”. However, the life lessons and experiences shared in this blog tend to highlight the importance of resilience. Why? Because I have come to firmly believe that one of the first steps in finding happiness and becoming the person that you want to be is to understand that bullies, losers and unfortunate circumstances do not define you. After all, a person who never gives up can never be defeated. Colourfully invisible was born as a way to make sense of the seemingly endless; absurd, unfortunate, cringe worthy and down right comical circumstances I continuously find myself in. It is meant to provide entertainment while motivating others and offering advice on navigating the battlefields of life. I hope you enjoy reading these collections of stories and lessons learned along the way. Please feel free to reach out and make a connection.

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