Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

You Had One Job

A strong work ethic is a valuable thing. It is what drives us to succeed, what motivates us to go back to the grind day in and day out, the guiding factor in getting our butts out of bed in the morning and the thing that carries us through life in general. After all, oneContinue reading “You Had One Job”


When you stop to think about it, language is a funny thing. It is bound by endless rules that we spend every stage of education learning, making it so ingrained into our beings that we often take it for grant it. People who know the rules usually don’t stop to think about them or questionContinue reading “Incoming”

Call of the Wild

Its that time of year when everything changes overnight. It is the in-between where barren becomes lush, cold becomes warm, monochrome lands becomes techno-colour dreamscapes and the mosquitos haven’t quite figured out that their buffet has re-opened for the season. Spring has officially sprung. One day, on a morning like any other, you wake upContinue reading “Call of the Wild”